Building and property damage a priority after Auckland’s day of rain and floods

Many Aucklanders are back at work and school following yesterday’s heavy rain and flooding, while many damaged properties have already been visited by Auckland Council assessors.  

The council is working quickly to identify any damage to buildings, unstable ground and any other potential hazards and take action to reduce any risks, said Auckland Emergency Management Duty Controller Parul Sood.   

Thirty-two Rapid Impact Assessment teams of two have been deployed across Auckland.  

“Our teams will visit 283 pre-identified properties and complete an assessment of nearby areas, as well as areas of known flood-related issues, in the next 48 hours.”  

“As at midday today, our assessors have visited 122 properties. Of these, we have yellow stickered two buildings in Māngere and Manly, and no buildings have been red stickered,” said Ms Sood. 

Initial feedback suggests largely superficial property damage, but not in all cases. Slips and land instability has been recorded in some areas, particularly around Whangaparāoa in the north of the region.  

Due to Tuesday’s weather event, only essential building inspections will be carried out by the council on Wednesday while buildings in need of assessment are given priority.  

Anyone who wants an assessment to be undertaken should contact the council at 

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