Police Statement on 111 TXT notification

During routine testing of the registered 111 text service for people with hearing or speech impairments at 7:58 PM, Tuesday 25 April 2023, NZ Police inadvertently sent a test message to all registered users of this service.

The message was labelled as a test message and asked users to acknowledge the message and then thanked them.

Whilst this test message was sent to all users rather than the select people involved in the testing, Police certainly appreciate the responses they received from users of the service in response to this message, and hope no one was unduly confused or disturbed by this message.

There were over 70 replies to the test message which more than proved that the system was working as expected.

Regular testing of our services is something that Police take seriously and conduct regularly to ensure that all New Zealanders have access to emergency services.  

Police will endeavour to ensure controls that prevent test messages from going to all users are reviewed and enhanced in our bid to continuously improve this service.

9 thoughts on “Police Statement on 111 TXT notification”

  1. thank you for the update. however what happens to those who didnt receive a test message? I and my husband didn’t receive a test message at all. Our numbers have not changed

    • Thanks Daniel. Our mobile numbers have been registered since this TXT 111 started.
      I will contact Mike Higgie.

  2. I haven’t received text from Police. I have not changed my numbers. I have use still resignation of Police system.
    I sent text to Police for test message. I did receive it so well.


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