My Experiences, My Rights: Supports and Services

In 2008, the New Zealand Government signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. A key aspect of the Convention is ensuring disabled people are supported to monitor the government’s implementation of the Convention in Aotearoa. As part of these efforts, our team of disabled researchers at the DBI has been commissioned by the DPO Coalition to conduct a research project called “My Experiences, My Rights: Supports and Services”.

Currently, the disability sector in Aotearoa New Zealand is undergoing big changes. It is important to capture disabled people’s voices throughout these transitions and transformations.

Our research project aims to document disabled people’s experiences of the disability supports and services they have received or want to receive, and identify areas where improvements are needed. 

In this phase of the research we are hosting a range of focus groups, to understand the supports and services experiences of specific groups within the disability community. For example, different types of funding and services.

Alternative language and accessible formats (Te Reo Māori, NZSL, Easy Read, audio, Large Print, and Braille upon request) are also available on our website. 


Umi Asaka

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