Disability and Cancer Project – Whaikaha me te Mate Pukupuku

Te Aho o Te Kahu is working with the disabled community reviewing data and evidence on the incidence, experience and outcomes of disabled people with cancer to build our understanding of how we can improve cancer services for disabled people in Aotearoa.

Disability and Cancer Project

There is limited research on the incidence, experience of cancer, and cancer outcomes for disabled New Zealanders but we know disabled people can experience poorer health outcomes.

Our State of Cancer Report published in 2020 showed there are gaps in our knowledge about what cancer outcomes look like for disabled people. This project will help Te Aho o Te Kahu build our knowledge of available data and evidence, and gather insights on the experience of disabled people with cancer.

Te Aho o Te Kahu wants to work with disabled people, and the disability sector to build a trusted, respectful, person-centred relationship that can support our organisation to ensure we have the information we need to begin to influence the equitable delivery of cancer services to disabled people and their whānau in Aotearoa.

Former Chief Executive, Dr Diana Sarfati, outlines our vision in NZSL.

Disability and Cancer Project, Lived Experience Advisors – Expressions of Interest

Te Aho o Te Kahu, the Cancer Control Agency, wants to better understand the experiences of disabled people living with cancer. We are looking for two people with lived experience to join a project team in paid positions who will support us in providing advice on how to improve cancer outcomes for disabled people in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

What is Te Aho o Te Kahu, Cancer Control Agency?

We are a departmental agency reporting directly to the Minister of Health. We strive for a New Zealand with fewer cancers, better survival and equity for all. We are committed to meeting our Te Tiriti o Waitangi obligations and ensuring that whānau Māori receive cancer care that meets their needs and is mana enhancing. You can read more about Te Aho o Te Kahu here.

What do lived experience advisors do?

People with lived experience of cancer provide essential advice to Te Aho o Te Kahu in different ways across our work programmes. This role is for the Disability and Cancer Project to provide advice based on your own lived experience. We welcome applications from:

  • disabled people with lived experience of cancer OR
  • disabled people with lived experience of navigating the health system (you do not have to have cancer) OR
  • disabled people who can share the broader experiences of disabled people with cancer (you do not have to have cancer but you need to have knowledge of disability and the cancer system).

Te Aho o Te Kahu focuses on cancer at a systems level and works to address systemic issues, rather than specific issues relating to individuals affected by cancer.

This means you will be expected to give strategic advice on a range of disability and cancer issues and opportunities. You will not be representing a particular disability or tumour type, advocacy group or region/locality.

What is the commitment if I am selected as an advisor to the Disability and Cancer Project?

The Disability and Cancer Project team meets virtually for 1 hour every fortnight. The term of this project is 6 months but may be extended. You are paid a meeting fee for each attendance. Support will be provided based on your individual needs to ensure you are able to participate in virtual meetings i.e., NZSL interpreters.

You will need to put aside some time before each meeting to read through documents which will be discussed at project team meetings. There is no additional payment for this, as it is included in the fees you are paid for the meeting.

Advisors will also/sometimes be asked to provide expertise on specific project tasks outside of the regular meetings. If you are asked to do this, you will also be paid for your time.

The functions of the lived experience advisor roles will extend to:

  • attending project meetings (virtual) as required
  • providing a whaikaha Māori or Pacific disability lens
  • reviewing project documents such as literature review, data, evidence gap and current state analysis
  • advising on stakeholder engagement.

How do I apply?

You can apply by answering the following questions in a communication format that works for you, for example a written document, audio file or video/NZSL video.

  1. If you have lived experience of cancer, please briefly explain your experience of disability and cancer. If you have not had cancer please outline your knowledge of disability and cancer.
  2. Do you have other skills, experience, expertise and/or contributions you would bring to this advisory role – for example, data analysis, research or stakeholder engagement? 2a. Do you have references we can contact regarding the other skills, experience, expertise and/or contributions you have listed/described? Please provide their name, contact details, and your working relationship.
  3. Te Aho o Te Kahu is committed to achieving equity for Māori and under-served communities. Are you Māori, a Pacific person, a refugee/migrant or part of any other communities that often miss out, like rainbow/LGBTQI community? Let us know which communities you belong to.
  4. What do you see as the biggest issue/s facing disabled cancer patients currently?
  5. Are you a member of any disability or cancer-related support or advocacy groups?
  6. Do you have any perceived or actual conflicts of interest – for example, do you work for an organisation that receives funding from pharmaceutical companies?
  7. If you are offered this role, what can we do to make sure it is accessible for you? Let us know any support or access requirements you have.

Please send your expression of interest and/or any questions to Nicole.Willis@TeAho.govt.nz .

If you would like to discuss other options for sending your expression of interest, or plan on sending through large audio/video files please contact Nicole directly on mobile number: 021 966 665 for support.

All expressions of interest we receive will be acknowledged so if you do not receive notification that your application has been received by Te Aho o Te Kahu within one business day, please contact Nicole.

Applications close Friday 12 May 2023 at 5pm.

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