2023 Census collection extended for areas impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle

Cabinet (NZ Government) has agreed today to give Stats NZ more funding for the 2023 Census so that they can make changes for the affected communities that have been impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle and recent weather events.

Stats NZ is giving people the time and space they need to focus on the priorities in the badly affected areas.

Stats NZ Chief Executive Mark Sowden has said that people still need to fill out their census forms when they can, because census data will help with the recovery in the affected areas.

For people who have been affected, they will have more time and support to the census.

This means:

  • they can fill out their census forms after 7 March
  • Stats NZ will ask iwi leaders and the community to tell us about the kind of support that is needed
  • there will be more community-led initiatives and events to support people to complete their forms
  • people can take the time that they need and ask for help to take part in the census
  • census collectors will be able to help until 1 June 2023
  • you may still be able to fill out the census online after 1 June 2023.

For the rest of New Zealand, it is time to do the census. Please fill out your census forms on or before Tuesday 7 March, either online or on paper.

The information collected in the census helps us understand how people are doing, and how best to service the needs of communities.

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