Media Advisory: Emergency response and clean-up continues

Heavy rain watch for today

  • We currently have a Heavy Rain Watch in place from this morning through until 6am Monday. This may be revised later today.
  • We are expecting rain to move into Tāmaki Makaurau throughout today with the potential for bursts of heavy rain with impacts felt later this afternoon and overnight.
  • Flood water can rise quickly so avoid unnecessary travel, put your safety first and stay out of flood water. Remember, if your life, health, or property is in danger, phone 111.

Building inspections

  • Yesterday more than 72 Auckland Council building inspectors performed rapid impact assessments, at the same time addressing high priority building assessments in affected areas. These assessments have informed a full-scale scale rapid building assessment programme which commenced at 07:30 today.
  • Today’s operation involves 130 council inspectors, including 15 from across the country. This work is supplemented by structural and geotechnical engineers. This programme will continue until all buildings in the impacted area are assessed – assessments have been carried out over 25 suburbs so it will take some time to complete.
  • While many buildings have suffered little damage, this will not be the case for all buildings. To date, 9 red placards have been issued with more expected to be issued following inspections today.
  • This is an important step in understanding the damage, and getting people back into their homes and buildings, where it is safe to do so.

Cleaning up after a flood

  • It is important to clean and dry your house and everything in it. Floodwater may contain sewage and other hazardous materials which can contaminate your home.
  • Wear protective clothing and wash hands thoroughly after clean-up and before handling food.
  • Contact your insurer before starting clean up. Take photos and videos of the damage and anything that needs to be thrown – you’ll need these for insurance purposes.
  • You can find more detailed information on how to safely clean up after a flood, including how to dispose of storm debris, on the Auckland Council website.  
  • Be mindful of manholes, which may have shifted in the flooding. To report a problem with a manhole on public property or catchpit, visit the Auckland Council website or call 09 301 0101.

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