Auckland floods update 15: Waste management

The Auckland Emergency Management website  has information on waste collection options and is being updated regularly. The following summary is correct as of 9am.

  • New Zealand Defence Force will be helping the clean up today.
  • We now have nine facilities across the region that Aucklanders can access to dispose of storm damaged material free if they are unable to cover the cost of disposal. We are working with private operators to make eight more facilities available.
  • 26 skip bins have been delivered to communities who have reached out to us with a need, with more suburbs being assessed. Please note skips may come and go quickly, connect with your community to get the latest information on locations. If your community needs a skip bin for disposing of storm damaged material, please contact 0800 22 22 00 to register the need in your area.
  • Besides delivering skip bins, contractors have also been picking up waste from Browns Bay, Milford and Rānui – approximately 16 truck loads have been sent to landfill from these areas. Contractors will be working in other parts of Auckland today based on need.
  • To date, 58 tonnes of storm/flood waste has been dropped off at Waitakere Transfer Station. A gentle reminder, please call 0800 22 22 00 before taking your storm dam

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