Joyce Stokell – Staff Spotlight September 2022

πŸ˜€ Staff Spotlight πŸ‘‹ it’s Joyce Stokell!

You may know Joyce! She has been working for Deaf Aotearoa for 16 years, in a variety of roles. She started part-time as a Programme Coordinator setting up ACE workshops, then became a Community Relations Officer working at the front reception of Deaf Aotearoa. Over time she changed her role to Service Coordinator, now she is a Facilitator in Hauora. Joyce also has additional responsibilities as Pathway Assessor and English-NZSL Translator, working full-time! She covers Kaikoura, down to Timaru and the West Coast.

Joyce really enjoys working with the Deaf community, and also has a personal life in the Deaf community. She loves being with her family and friends, going out for walks, doing mosaic projects, and doing activities with her kids. She also loves going to the Deaf Club, interacting in her own natural language – NZSL. So her life is in the Deaf community 24/7, which she loves being part of!

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