Nelson Region Emergency notice

In the Nelson region, there has been plenty of rain which is making the situation dangerous. It is recommended that you stay home. If you can work from home then you should work from home. Please do not go out for a drive around to look at the damage. We must respect people’s privacy.

Plenty of roads are closed which means traffic needs to find another way to get around, and this will result in traffic congestion. Please stay home.

More rain is forecast, so while you may think it is safe to travel, when you come back you may find roads have closed and you are unable to get home. Better you safe, stay home.

Water levels are low which means there are water restrictions in place. Please conserve your water.

If you live near hills or on a hill, please check your property for slips or damage. If your home or property has been damaged or is not safe, you can evacuate to Saxton Stadium.

If you need more information, you can contact Deaf Aotearoa, Duty Assessor team. Or check social media updates from Nelson City Council (Facebook and Twitter) and Civil Defence (Facebook and Twitter).

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