Miiria Storey – Staff Spotlight August 2022

😀 Staff Spotlight 👋 it’s Miiria Storey!

Miiria is Māori Deaf. She works for Deaf Aotearoa in Hamilton, for the Waikato region. She has worked for the organisation for 16 years!

Miiria first started working for Deaf Aotearoa part-time in 2006 as Programme Coordinator, delivering ACE workshops. She then got promoted to Services Coordinator as well as Employment Consultant and Community Relations Officer. In 2015, her role changed to a Facilitator focusing on Hauora service, as well as doing different services like Employment, First Signs and Adult Community Education (ACE). This means she has a broad range of skills working with people of various ages – from babies to seniors.

In Miiria’s free time, she enjoys art, crafts, sewing, outdoor activities and adventuring. She also likes to read books, garden, keeping fit by walking or running, doing maintenance in her home – painting, repairing – and flipping furniture.

She is a Mum of 2 hearing children – she has one son who is 25 years old and works full-time as Technology Engineer at ConsenSys in America, working with software and works from home. Her daughter is 22 years old, she is currently in a 4-year carpentering apprenticeship, finishing this year. She also works full-time as a builder for Graham Walker Builders in Hamilton.

Miiria thanks Deaf Aotearoa for supporting her, having her work in a variety of services, challenging her and providing good opportunities, as well as a great team to work with.

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