How to get a Rapid Antigen Test 

Anyone in Aotearoa New Zealand can get free RATs.  You can pick these up from a collection site or have someone collect it on your behalf. 

Requesting a Rapid Antigen Test 

You can order a Rapid Antigen Test in two ways: 

To make a request through the website, you need to have access to a mobile phone to validate the order. RATs can be requested on behalf of someone else. 

Requesting RATs on the web site is an easy step-by-step process, just follow the instructions: 

  1. Go to
  1. The website will ask you if you are experiencing severe COVID-19 symptoms. If this is the case, call 111 immediately, otherwise, click ‘I am not experiencing any of these’. 
  1. Select ‘Start now’. 
  1. Enter your mobile number into the field and click ‘Continue‘. 
  1. You will be sent a 6-digit verification code to a mobile phone. Enter this code when you receive it and click ‘Continue’. 
  1. Read the ‘RAT Order Form Privacy Statement’ and tick the box to acknowledge you have read it. Then click ‘Accept and Continue’. 
  1. You will be asked if you have arrived in New Zealand from overseas in the last seven days, select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and click ‘Next’. 
    • If you have not recently arrived in New Zealand, you will be asked if you have recently had COVID-19 symptoms. Answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, then select ‘Next’. Enter the details on the form and select ‘Place order’. 
    • If you have arrived recently in New Zealand, complete the series of questions, including your flight number and date of arrival, then select ‘Place order’ 
  1. The end screen will present to you an order number and a link to find a collection site to pick up your RATs.  It will also give you information of the number to call if you cannot get to a RAT collection site. 
  1. You will also be sent via Txt message a code RAT order number. You can then pick up your RAT order from a collection site listed on Healthpoint, or have someone collect their order for you. If you are unable to pick up your RAT order and need it delivered to you, call 0800 222 478 and select option 3. 

Free face masks when you pick up your RATs 

You can get free medical face masks when you pick up RATs from a testing centre. You do not need to be unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms. If you are at higher risk of severe illness, you can get free P2/N95 face masks. 

You still need to order through the Request free COVID-19 RAT kits website. 

If you live in a rural area or have specific accessibility requirements, call 0800 222 478 and press 3 to discuss your options. 

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