May 2022 Executive Board key messages

Kia koutou katoa,

NZSL Week – Congratulations and well done to all the staff who worked hard to make this year’s NZSL Week a success. Also congratulations to all the NZSL Award winners. Have a look at our website and social media posts for photos and videos of the NZSL Award winners.

WFD Conference in Bangkok – This was an online Zoom conference at 1am-5am in the morning watching group sessions. The theme of the conference is Education.

Youth WFD – Deaf Aotearoa Youth Board President Zoe Ferguson was involved 4 nights on zoom.

Constitution update – Upcoming Incorporation Act legislation changes, Deaf Aotearoa will share resources and information to support deaf organisations to update their constitution as well for our members to update our constitution.

Introducing Emmie – Emmie introduces herself as a new Executive Board member from Christchurch.

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