May Executive Board updates on Strategic Directions

Honour the Treaty of Waitangi by partnering with Māori Turi.

  1. Developed the Kōhanga Reo NZSL videos and launched in NZSL week (in 3 days the video has been shared 241 times and seen by over 14,000 people)
  2. Ongoing work to support Māori Advisory Group – regular meetings of Tāngata Turi on staff and bringing in external experts to support (Kirsten Smiler)
  3. Supported staff to attend the Treaty of Waitangi community workshops around the country
  4. Meeting with Māori Strategic lead from Ko Taku Reo to work on a way to strengthen how we work together to improve services for whanau and Māori Deaf learners.

Develop and strengthen relationships with other organisations working for the benefit of the Deaf community.

  1. Provided $20,000 for NZSL Week community grants and events
  2. Qtopia – Diversity and Inclusion Connect youth groups, whānau support and resources.

Increase the Deaf economy while ensuring Deaf Aotearoa achieves its own financial targets.

  1. Referred translation work to Eyefilms
  2. Promoting Kara Technologies to NEMA

Promote early access to NZSL.

  1. Deaf Aotearoa funding for First Signs increased

Promote access to NZSL everywhere as a basic right of Deaf people.

  1. Successfully delivered NZSL Week 2022
  2. TV One News asked Deaf Aotearoa for interview about First Sign story during NZSL Week 2022. We asked Tauranga Deaf community and would like to thank Victoria Lessing for her involvement in interview.

Promote Deaf leadership and celebrate success.

  1. 39 Deaf leaders took part in the Deaf Leaders Challenge during NZSL Week
  2. Natasha Cloete was part of a panel webinar ‘Collaborating with Deaf adults in Early Intervention programmes for young Deaf and their families’
  3. 4 Deaf staff – Erica Dawson, Joyce Stokell, Stephanie Rorison and Miiria Storey – graduated from VUW Deaf Studies programme.

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