Disability, Deaf, and Mental Health institutional care hearing 11-20 July

The Abuse in Care Royal Commission will be holding our Disability, Deaf, and Mental Health institutional care public hearing from July 11-20, 2022. The public hearing will be live-streamed, including New Zealand Sign Language interpreters and audio described, captioned evidence.

You can attend the hearing in Newmarket, Auckland.
Address: Level 2, 414 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Tāmaki-Makaurau Auckland (entrance via Kingdon St) 
or watch the live stream.

**Warning** This livestream includes graphic descriptions of abuse. Well-being support is available via phone, text or email. 


**Information and schedule below are subject to change** 

Day 1 Monday 11 July
09.30am Karakia and mihimihi Introduction from the Commissioners Opening Statements from the Royal Commission – Ruth Thomas, Counsel Assisting Opening Statements from People First Opening Statements from the Crown Secretariat 
 11.30amIrene and Margaret Priest 
 01.15pm  Lunch 
 02.30pm  Mr EI 
 04.00pm  Allison Campbell 
Day 2 Tuesday 12 July 
 10.00am  David Newman 
 11.45am  Paul Milner 
 01.00pm  Lunch 
 02.15pm  Tony Ryder 
 03.45pm  Sheree Briggs 
Day 3 Wednesday 13 July 
 09.30am  Ross Clark  
 10:00am  Dr Olive Webb  
 11.45am Alison Adams  
 1.00pm  Lunch 
 2.15pm Peter Keoghan 
 3.30pm  Caroline Arrell 
Day 4 Thursday 14 July 
 10.00am  Mr EY
 11.15am  Sidney Neilson and Cherene Neilson-Hornblow  
 1.00pm  Lunch 
 2.00pm  Catherine Hickey 
 3.30pm  Alison Pascoe 
Day 5 Friday 15 July 
 10.00amDonna Phillips
 11.45am Sunny Webster 
 1.00pm Lunch 
 2.15pm Mr EX – Mr EX is of Māori descent and Deaf. He was born into a hearing family and doctors advised his family that he should be sent to Kelston School for the Deaf in Auckland.  He attended from the ages of five to 13 (1966 to 1973). Mr EX will speak about being physically and sexually abused at Kelston School for the Deaf. Mr EX was also not allowed to use sign language at the school. Mr EX’s parents were also told not to speak to him in te reo Māori. He will share his recommendations for change, including an increase of Māori staff at Deaf schools and a program to allow Deaf people to learn te reo through sign language.     
Day 6Monday 18 July 
 10.00am Whiti Ronaki – Whiti Ronaki is of Te Arawa descent. When he was three years old, he lost his hearing due to contracting meningitis.  Whiti was sent to board at Kelston School for the Deaf in Auckland from the ages of six to about 16 (1959 to 1969).  At Kelston, he experienced physical, psychological, sexual, and emotional abuse and neglect which continues to impact his personal life and wellbeing. Whiti will speak about children being smacked for signing, and about becoming involved in gangs as a young adult and feeling alienated from both Deaf and Māori communities. He will share his journey to turn his life around, embracing his Deaf and Māori culture, and his work helping young Deaf students. He will speak about the challenges that Deaf Māori still experience, and his hopes for the future – such as sign language continuing to include te reo Māori signs.   
 12.30pm Lunch 
 1.45pm Mr EV – Mr EV is of Pākehā descent and Deaf. Mr EV was a boarding student at Kelston School for the Deaf in Auckland between the ages of about five and 18 years old (1969–1982). Mr EV will share his experiences of ongoing physical and emotional abuse by a teacher over two years, including witnessing this teacher repeatedly abuse his classmates. Mr EV also experienced ongoing educational and linguistic neglect throughout his schooling. Mr EV will discuss the impacts that this abuse had on him, including his experience of going to the Police and Cooper Legal to try to seek justice and redress.   
 3.30pm Jonathan Mosen
Day 7Tuesday 19 July 
 10.00am Lusi Faiva 
 11.45am Matthew Whiting 
 1.30pm Lunch 
 2.45pm Shannon
Leeann Barnett 
Day 8Wednesday 20 July 
 10.00am Kaupapa Māori panel
 12.30pm Lunch
 1.45pmDr Brigit Mirfin-Veitch
 3.30pmClosing statements

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