All of New Zealand is now at ORANGE. Deaf Aotearoa is open to the community and public. Contact

Deaf Aotearoa offices at Alert Alevel 2 - : Archived

This post has been archived. The information in this post may have expired, or is no longer relevant, or is out of date.

Deaf Aotearoa offices are open at Alert Level 2. You will need to make an appointment first before you visit. Please contact your facilitator to book an appointment. If you do not have contact with a facilitator, you can contact us at

Please arrive at the Deaf Aotearoa office with a Face Mask, and scan the Contact Tracing QR Code, or sign in. Please use the hand sanitiser clean your hands. This helps to make sure that our staff are safe, and that you can be safe too.

When you sit down to talk with our Deaf Aotearoa staff, you can remove the mask, but must stay 2m away. When the appointment is finished, then you can put your mask back on.

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