My Covid Record

Find out about using the website My Covid Record, where you can access information about your COVID-19 records. 

The address is and it will work on any laptop, desktop or smart phone. 

About My Covid Record 

My Covid Record is a website that allows you to check and request your COVID-19 vaccination records, and see any COVID tests you have taken. Through this website, you can: 

  • Request a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination records – it includes batch numbers, dose number, vaccine name and manufacturer, and any overseas vaccinations you’ve requested be added to your health record.  If you need this for someone else, call 0800 222 478 
  • Request a My Vaccine Pass – an official record of your COVID-19 vaccination status for use in Aotearoa New Zealand. You can request for yourself or for someone else. 
  • Request an International Travel Vaccination Certificate – to prove your vaccination status overseas. You can request for yourself or for someone else. 
  • View you COVID-19 test results 
  • Upload your Rapid Antigen Test results.  You can add a test result for yourself or for someone else.

How to sign up for My Covid Record 

Anyone in New Zealand aged 12 or over can sign up to use My Covid Record:  Do not share your My Covid Record login and password with anyone else. 

  1. Go to and press or click Sign Up.  This starts the process of creating a My Health Account – this allows you to access your health information online. You will need your own email address to create an account. An account can be verified by either;
    – A New Zealand driver’s license, passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate, or  
    – an Australian passport or birth certificate 
    – Entering the details of your health care provider 
    – An already verified real me account 
  2. Log in to My Covid Record using your My Health Account username and password or your Real Me login in and password.
  3. Once you have signed in to My Covid Record successfully, you can see your Covid-19 records.   

If you notice anything wrong about your records, you can fill in the form online called Change of details form, or you can email 

If you are having trouble requesting a pass or record for someone else you can  
Phone: 0800 222 478 (8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) 

If you are having trouble loading a rapid antigen test for someone else you can 
Phone: 0800 555 728 (8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday) 

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