How to use the COVID-19 contact tracing form 

If you test positive for COVID-19, share your information with the Ministry of Health securely online to let others know to monitor for symptoms. 

About the COVID-19 contact tracing form 

Sharing details of where you have been helps to quickly identify high-risk locations that may need support to protect those most vulnerable in our community. 

The COVID-19 contact tracing form lets you share: 

  • Contact and health details 
  • Symptoms 
  • Household contacts 
  • High-risk locations 
  • COVID Tracer diary and Bluetooth data 

After you’ve returned a positive PCR test, or you have uploaded your positive RAT result, you will be sent a link and access code via text from the number 2328 to fill out this form. Filling out this form could take up to 20 minutes.   

If you have trouble with this form, email or call 0800 555 728. 

The Ministry of Health stores this information securely.  It will only be used for contact tracing and identifying any] extra health support you might need. Information is only shared with agencies who are helping with this work. Read the COVID-19 contact tracing form privacy statement

Using the contact tracing form 

Once you start this process, complete this form in one sitting using the same device and browser to avoid losing data already entered. 

  1. Enter your access code and verify your identity with your date of birth. Select ‘Get started’. 
  2. Read how the information you provide will be used. Tick the box and select ‘Accept and continue’. 
  3. Provide alternate contact details, including the address where you will be self-isolating. 
  4. Provide details of underlying health conditions you may have. 
  5. Note which symptoms you have experienced and when they started. If you haven’t had any symptoms, confirm this and we will use your test date to determine your infectious period. 
  6. Provide your household contacts’ details, including people who you don’t live with permanently, but who you’ve lived with for some of your infectious period.  
  7. Note if you’ve been to any of the high-risk locations listed during your infectious period. 
  8. For each day of your infectious period, you will be asked if you’ve been to any of the high-risk locations.  
  9. Let your close contacts and workplace/education institution know that you have COVID-19. These are people you have spent time with during your infectious period while not wearing a mask. They will need to self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms for 10 days and get a test if they become symptomatic. 
  10. Review and submit the information you have provided. You may be contacted for more details. 
  11. Share the details from your COVID Tracer diary. The diary upload code is the same code you used to access the COVID-19 Contact tracing form on the SMS you received. 
  12. If you need any support to help you self-isolate, we can provide you with a link to apply for this from the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. 

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