How to get a Rapid Antigen Test

Rapid Antigen Tests are available to members of the public for free if they develop symptoms or are household contacts of a case. 

Requesting a Rapid Antigen Test 

Rapid Antigen Tests are free for household contacts and people with COVID-19 symptoms. 

You can order a Rapid Antigen Test in two ways: 

To make a request through the website, you need to have access to a mobile phone to validate the order. RATs can be requested on behalf of someone else. 

Requesting RATs on the web site is an easy step-by-step process, just follow the instructions: 

  1. Go to
  2. The website will ask you if you are experiencing severe COVID-19 symptoms. If this is the case, call 111 immediately, otherwise, click ‘I am not experiencing any of these’. 
  3. Select ‘Start now’. 
  4. Enter your mobile number into the field and click ‘Continue‘. 
  5. You will be sent a 6-digit verification code to a mobile phone. Enter this code when you receive it and click ‘Continue’. 
  6. Read the ‘RAT Order Form Privacy Statement’ and tick the box to acknowledge you have read it. Then click ‘Accept and Continue’. 
  7. Select if you are completing this form for yourself or someone else, then press ‘Next’. 
  8. You will be asked a series of questions, answer these truthfully and click ‘Next’ after each one. 
  9. If you are eligible, you will be asked to enter your details, including your name, address, date of birth and the number of people you live with. Once you have done this, click ‘Place order’. 
  10. You will then be sent a code RAT order number. You can then pick up your RAT order from a collection site listed on Healthpoint, or have someone collect their order for you. 
Buying a Rapid Antigen Test 

If you do not have COVID-19 symptoms and are not a household contact, but want to take a test, such as before going to visit friends or whānau, you can now buy a RAT at a participating retailer. 

These tests are sourced and sold by the private market. These tests must be approved by the Ministry of Health in order to be sold. 

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