Deaf Aotearoa offices are closed to visitors

New Zealand is now in RED traffic light due to Omicron in the community.

Our priority is to keep our staff and community safe, as well as others we work with including interpreters and other services. We are reviewing our current caseloads, interpreting bookings, ACE workshops and other services to ensure we can deliver these safely.

If you have an urgent issue, please contact Duty. If you have a question or problem specifically about COVID-19, please contact our COVID-19 hotline.

We will be updating you all on our situation and any changes to how we operate in the next few days.

Deaf Aotearoa to open to appointments only – please contact Duty or your local facilitator – this can be done via video call, or if need face to face, we will assess how we can do this safely.

Stay safe!

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Our COVID-19 hotline:

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