NZSL Week Community Events Grants

Deaf Aotearoa is pleased to provide the opportunity for Deaf community organisations and businesses to apply for funding to hold NZSL Week Community Events, following the criteria set by the NZSL Board, which aligns with the NZSL Community Grants criteria.

Deaf Aotearoa encourages Deaf community organisations and businesses to apply for a grant for their event, and are particularly interested in initiatives that focus on the use of NZSL by children and young people, and Māori Deaf.  

Up to $2,000 can be applied for to spend on events, providing the event supports the principles of NZSL Week, including: 

  • To lift the status and profile of NZSL as an official language of New Zealand. 
  • Deaf community members being able to use and share NZSL. 
  • For hearing people to meet with Deaf people – breaking down barriers. 

We continue to align with the NZSL Board’s NZSL Strategy (2018-2023), with a particular focus on the priorities of Use/Access and Attitude. 

Grants cannot be made to an individual person. Payment must be through an approved organisation. If you are not a legally registered entity, you will need to nominate one to act as a fund-holder on your behalf. They will receive the grant, be accountable for the grant funds. Deaf Aotearoa can be a fund-holder if needed. Please let us know and we can discuss further. Please note that grants are exempt from GST and cannot be spent on alcohol 

Deaf Aotearoa thanks the NZSL Board for their support. Deaf Aotearoa looks forward to celebrating another successful NZSL Week with you. 

**Applications can be received and considered at any time up to 2 weeks prior to NZSL Week. Last day for consideration being Friday April 22nd 2022 at 12.00pm midday** 


  • The form below must be submitted with a max 2 minutes video summarising your proposal. 
  • If your application is successful you must commit to sending a brief report to Deaf Aotearoa about how the event went.  By submitting this application, if successful, you agree to provide a report no later than Sunday 26th June 2022 
  • All unspent funds must be returned to Deaf Aotearoa. 
  • If you have any questions, email us at  

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