Invitation to participate in upcoming conversations

As the Royal Commission into Abuse in Care move towards the Disability and Mental Health Hearing we are beginning to put together the framework for the disability report.

It is important to us that disabled people have the opportunity to provide some oversight and guidance as this report develops.  as part of this we are very keen to engage with a small group of 4 -5 of people from the deaf community, as an independent group, to support us in this way.

We will host the conversations by zoom.  

We are hoping to hold our first conversation, in early April and will schedule regular meetings, probably every 6 weeks, through until the end of the year.

The conversations will be for about an hour each.  For each conversation we will provide some background information and have some questions that we want people to think about and discuss. People will get information on what the questions will be before the meeting so that they have time to give them some thought.

People on the group will be paid a Koha per meeting

For our first meeting we would like to lay foundation for the work.  To share with participants: what we’ve done to date, what we’ve learned and the upcoming work.  The purpose of the conversations being to ensure that we are developing our report, findings and recommendations in partnership with the disabled community

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