Disability Consumer Leadership Development Grant

Consumer leadership development grants are intended for disabled people and their whānau to develop leadership skills to benefit themselves, their families/ whānau and/ or the wider disability community development activities.

This grant is also available to organisations funded by the Ministry of Health to deliver Disability Support Services (DSS) or Disabled Persons Organisations (DPO) that are part of the DPO coalition to provide leadership opportunities to disabled people, their families/ whānau and/or the wider disability community.

Organisations without a Disability Support Service contract may still be eligible, refer to the Who can apply section for more information.

The funding for Disability consumer leadership grants has been increased for 2022. This should enable more consumers to access consumer leadership training this year, focusing on the Enabling Good Lives (EGL) approach and principles.

In 2022, there are two grant rounds, one opening on 1 March and the other on 1 June 2022.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Click here to read more at the original web page at www.tepou.co.nz

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