Travel into MIQ

After you are notified by public health that you have tested positive for COVID-19 you must continue to remain at home in isolation and follow all the other protocols until arrangements are made to transfer you to a quarantine facility.

While plans are being made for you to move into the quarantine facility, you have time to make arrangements for while you are away from home, for example for other family members or any pets that need to be cared for. Throughout this planning time, you will be supported by a welfare team, and you also have access to translators if required.

In discussion with the public health officer, you may take some family members e.g. dependent children or a support person with you to the quarantine facility. It will depend on family circumstances.

Please let the public health officer know if you have a disability that requires support while staying in MIQ. This may include any support or equipment that you usually receive or use at home. MIQ is required to make reasonable accommodations to ensure your wellbeing and safety while staying in MIQ.


The term reasonable accommodation refers to changes made to accommodate persons with disabilities. Reasonable accommodation is a key concept of Article 2 in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
Individual requests for support will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If an accommodation cannot be reasonably made, alternative options will be explored.

Health line and the DHBs will work with you to agree on an appropriate time for your transfer.

Vehicles used to collect positive cases have protective screens to seal the passenger compartment from the driver compartment and all drivers wear full PPE. All vehicles have to be deep cleaned after each transfer.

You must wear a mask throughout your journey until you are in your room at the quarantine facility. If you have a disability or health condition and are unable to wear a mask or have an exemption card, please let the regional public health team know.


We encourage you to make any medical, accessibility and other specific needs known in advance of arriving on-site and we will do our best to accommodate this prior to your arrival. Please discuss requirements with the public health team.

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