Medical Exemption in NZSL

Temporary medical exemption process 

In rare medical situations, some people may be able to apply for a temporary medical exemption from being vaccinated against COVID-19. This will allow them to get a domestic vaccination status certificate ( 

You will need to talk to your usual medical practitioner or nurse practitioner about whether or not you meet the criteria for an exemption. 

There are very few people that are unable to get a vaccine due to medical grounds and exemptions should be limited to situations where a suitable alternative COVID-19 vaccine is not readily available for the individual. 

Criteria for Temporary COVID-19 Vaccine Medical Exemptions:  

If you meet the criteria, your usual medical practitioner or nurse practitioner will apply on your behalf. Applications can only be made by medical or nurse practitioners. 

Your application will go through a panel review process. If the application is granted a copy of the exemption will be provided in a letter or email. 

A medical exemption is only valid for up to six months. 

My Vaccine Pass 

If you’re given a temporary medical exemption, you will see a record of this in My Covid Record and you will be able to request your pass from Saturday 4 December. You will still be able to access essential services until you’re able to download your pass. 

When your pass is scanned at venues your exemption status will not be disclosed to the business. You will be able to gain access like everyone else.

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