Life at Orange

At Orange, there is community transmission of COVID-19. There are increasing risks to vulnerable communities and pressure on the health system. 

About Orange 
At Orange, you can continue to do everyday activities and can travel across the country. You can go to work, school, gyms, church, restaurants, and many more places. 

There are some restrictions on some activities to limit the spread of the virus and protect vulnerable people. 

Most businesses can open with no restrictions on numbers if they choose to use Vaccine Passes. If they choose not to use Vaccine Passes, there are limits on the number of people who can be in a venue at one time. 

Under the COVID-19 Protection Framework, household bubbles do not exist. 

My Vaccine Pass 
My Vaccine Pass is an official record of your COVID-19 vaccination status for use within Aotearoa New Zealand.   

You must legally provide your My Vaccine Pass to enter places that have vaccination requirements in place. This may include hospitality venues, events, gatherings and gyms. 

You cannot be asked to provide your My Vaccine Pass to access basic needs such as supermarkets, public transport, and essential health care. 

Face coverings at Orange 
Face coverings help reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

At Orange there you must wear a face covering if you are: 

  • on domestic air transport services 
  • on public transport 
  • at arrival and departure points of public transport services 
  • in retail businesses 
  • at public venues/facilities (not swimming pools though) 
  • at pharmacies 
  • at veterinary services and animal health and welfare services 
  • at courts and tribunals 
  • in specified social services 
  • at public area of premises operate by NZ Post Limited 
  • at premises operated by a central govt agency, a local authority, or NZ Police 
  • at health services other than pharmacies and are not a patient 
  • a customer facing worker at a food and drink business or service 
  • a customer facing worker at a close-proximity business 
  • a customer facing worker at any type of gathering 

It is strongly encouraged that you wear a face covering everywhere else. 

Support at Orange  
If your income has been affected by COVID-19, you may be able to get financial support. 

You might be eligible if you: 

  • have lost your job because you decide not to get the COVID-19 vaccination 
  • have reduced income or you are unable to work because of COVID restrictions 
  • need to get a COVID-19 test 
  • need to self-isolate 
  • need help with essential costs 

Business and events at Orange 
Businesses and workplaces can open at Orange.  

Everyone is entitled to access basic needs such as food, healthcare, public transport and emergency shelter. For this reason, some businesses including supermarkets, dairies, pharmacies, etc. will remain open under all traffic light settings and cannot ask for Vaccine Passes.  

If a business is using My Vaccine Pass, these must be checked by the business, and it is recommended they are scanned with the Verifier app. If a business is choosing not to use Vaccine Passes there may be restrictions. 

If you are organising an event or gathering, make sure: 

  • any capacity limits are being followed 
  • people are wearing face coverings when required 
  • surfaces are cleaned regularly.  
Activity Examples With My Vaccine Pass Without My Vaccine Pass 
Basic needs Supermarkets, dairies, pharmacies, petrol stations, public transport (except air travel), and essential health and disability services No capacity limits No capacity limits 
Retail Shops, outdoor markets, banks etc. Capacity limits based on 1-metre distancing Capacity limits based on 1-metre distancing 
Hospitality Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, etc.  No capacity limits Contactless pick-up or delivery only 
Events Cinemas, theatres, stadiums, concert venues, conference venues, casinos, private galleries etc.  No capacity limits Cannot operate 
Close proximity business Barbers, hairdressers, beauty salons, driving instructors, massage therapists  No capacity limits Cannot operate 

Gatherings and visits at Orange 

You can have gatherings at Orange, like meeting friends, holding a wedding and attending church, if you choose to use My Vaccine Pass.  

You can serve food and drink at your gathering. If you have exclusive use of a hospitality venue for your gathering, you do not need to follow the hospitality rules for the service of food and drink. 

You can visit places like aged-care facilities, social housing and hospitals at Orange. However, you should check with each place before you go to see if there are restrictions.  

You can visit friends and family in prison, with restrictions. Visitors to prison must have had at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose. 

Activity Examples With My Vaccine Pass Without My Vaccine Pass 
Public and private gatherings Catching up with friends and family, weddings and civil union ceremonies, faith-based gatherings, get-togethers and parties at your home, club functions, social sports, funerals and tangihanga  No capacity limits At your home: Capacity limit of up to 50 people  At any other venue: Capacity limit of up to 50 people in a defined space based on 1-metre physical distancing 
Visiting friends and family Aged-care facilities, social housing, hospitals or prisons Not relevant Not relevant 

Education at Orange 
Education facilities can open at Orange. 

All parents, caregivers, family, and other visitors are encouraged to wear face coverings on site. 

Children and parents or caregivers of a child or student cannot be prevented from going to school or early childhood services based on their vaccination status. 

At education sites, some people must be fully vaccinated to have contact with children and students. This includes teachers, staff, home-based educators, support people in schools and early learning centres, including volunteers, teacher aides, administration and maintenance staff, contractors, visitors (not including parents, family and caregivers of students). 

Tertiary students can attend classes, lectures, labs, workshops, tutorials, and meetings in person. 

If you are sick, waiting for a COVID-19 test result or have been asked to self-isolate, stay home and do not go to your educational facility. Your school, kura, or tertiary facility should provide distance learning options if you need to stay home. 

Activity Examples With My Vaccine Pass Without My Vaccine Pass 
Certified playgroups  No capacity limits Cannot operate 
Early childhood and schools  Not relevant Not relevant 
Tertiary Universities, polytechnics Not relevant Not relevant 

Sport and recreation at Orange 

You can attend sports events and play sport at Orange, with restrictions. 

Capacity limits include children, but not staff. 

Activity Examples With My Vaccine Pass Without My Vaccine Pass 
Outdoor community sport Social touch rugby No capacity limits Capacity limit of up to 50 people in a defined space based on 1-metre physical distancing 
Outdoor exercise classes Outdoor yoga classes, bootcamps No capacity limits Capacity limit of up to 50 people in a defined space based on 1-metre physical distancing 
Indoor sport Indoor cricket, netball or football  No capacity limits Capacity limit of up to 50 people in a defined space based on 1-metre physical distancing 
Recreation Gyms and indoor recreation facilities such as dance studios, yoga studios, health clubs, bowling alleys, and ice-skating rinks No capacity limits Cannot operate 
Public facilities Libraries, public galleries, museums, zoos, swimming pools, recreation centres  Capacity limits based on 1-metre physical distancing Capacity limits based on 1-metre physical distancing 

Travel at Orange 
You can travel anywhere for any reason at Orange. 

Some transport providers, such as Air New Zealand and Cook Strait ferry operators, may require you to show a vaccine pass or negative COVID-19 test result, taken within 72 hours before your journey, before boarding if you are aged 12 or above. 

Testing for travel is not available at community testing centres. If you need a test to travel you must arrange and pay for it yourself. 

If you’re planning to travel: 

  • Do not travel if you are unwell. 
  • Do not travel if you have been told to self-isolate. 
  • You do not need a vaccine pass or a negative COVID-19 test, unless required by the transport provider 
  • If you are travelling into a different setting area, you will need to follow the guidance for that area when you are there. 
  • There are no physical distancing requirements on transport services or in airports, train stations or bus terminals. 

What is a defined space? 
A defined space is a single indoor or outdoor space separated from other spaces. If your venue has multiple defined spaces, you must make sure that groups do not mix. 

What this looks like in practice may vary. For example, it could mean making sure you have separate entrances for shared areas, or stagger start times. It might also mean you make sure that groups use different bathrooms or service counters. 

Keep protecting each other 
Even though New Zealand is a highly vaccinated country, COVID-19 can still spread in the community. 

To slow the spread of the virus, and continue to help protect you, your family, and your community, it is important to keep up healthy habits: 

  • Regularly wash and thoroughly dry your hands or use hand sanitiser. 
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow. 
  • Keep your distance from people you do not know. 
  • Clean or disinfect shared surfaces often. 
  • If you have cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms, stay home and get a test. 
  • Emergency services will operate under all traffic light settings. In an emergency, call 111. 
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