3rd Primary Dose for Immunocompromised People

Access to the 3rd Primary Dose for immunocompromised people

This outlines how an eligible person will access a 3rd primary dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. 

There are Four key components to Access a 3rd Primary dose: 

The practice contacts the person to let them know they are eligible for a 3rd primary dose. If the person is interested, they are invited to make an appointment with their GP/Specialist for a consultation.

A person is aware of a 3rd primary dose and contacts their GP or Specialist to understand if they are eligible.

Consumer Consent
The Medical Practitioner, gathers written consent using the 3rd primary dose consent form provided by the Ministry of Health, prior to providing the person with a prescription. The medical practitioner documents the consent in their patient medical record. The consultation will be at no cost to the person.

Script & Consent Form
The medical practitioner provides the person with the prescription and the co-signed consent form.

Confirm Consent & Administer Vaccine
If the facility where the person gave their consent and received prescription is a Covid-19 vaccination site, usual vaccination processes should be followed to administer the vaccine.

If the consumer is to be vaccinated at a different time or place, the prescription and consent form must be taken or sent the vaccination site.

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