COVID-19 Protection Framework – Orange

At Orange, there will be increasing community transmission that is putting pressure on our health system. The whole health system will focus its resources but can continue to manage primary care, public health, and hospitals. There may also be an increased risk for at-risk people. 

How we stay safe at Orange: 

  • Record keeping and scanning will be required 
  • Face coverings will be mandatory on flights, public transport, in taxis, retail, public venues, and encouraged elsewhere 

Where we can go at Orange:  

  • Public facilities will be open with capacity limits based on 1m distancing 
  • Retail will be open with capacity limits based on 1m distancing 
  • Education facilities will be open with public health measures in place 
  • Workplaces 
  • Specified outdoor community events 
  • Regional boundary restrictions won’t apply. 

Places with vaccination certificate requirements 

There will be no limits if vaccination certificates are used at: 

  • Hospitality 
  • Gatherings (e.g. weddings, places of worship, marae) 
  • Events (indoor/outdoor) 
  • Close contact businesses 
  • Gyms 

Places where vaccination certificates are not used 

If a business, organisation or service, doesn’t request proof of vaccine, restrictions will apply. 

  • Hospitality — contactless only 
  • Gatherings (e.g. weddings, places of worship, marae) — up to 50 people, based on 1m distancing 

These places won’t be able to operate without a vaccine certificate requirement: 

  • Events (indoor/outdoor) 
  • Gyms 
  • Close contact businesses 
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