Services and support

It’s OK to ask for help. As we work through this together, there are people and agencies able to support you. Here’s a range of advice, help, or support if you need it. If you don’t speak English, you can ask for an interpreter when calling most government departments.

In an emergency

Call 111 for Fire and Emergency, Police, or Ambulance.

  • 111 (Emergency Line)

For health advice

If you have cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms, get tested.

Call your Doctor, or contact Healthline for free health advice and information provided by trained professionals.

  • 0800 358 5453 (Healthline – COVID-19 health advice)
  • 0800 611 116 (Healthline – General health advice)

It’s as important as always to get medical support if you’re unwell. You don’t need to wait.

For health advice about babies or children

Call Plunket to speak to a Plunket nurse.

PlunketLine is a free parent helpline and advice service available to all families, whānau and caregivers.

  • 0800 933 922 (PlunketLine)

For mental health or addiction support

Call or text 1737 to talk to someone trained to help.

For specific help, you can contact the Depression Helpline or Alcohol Drug Helpline.

  • 0800 111 757 (Depression Helpline)
  • 0800 787 797 (Alcohol Drug Helpline)

However you feel, there’s someone to talk to if you need it.

For support with family violence or sexual violence

Call 111 if you or someone else is in immediate danger of being harmed or may harm themselves.

  • 111 (Emergency Line)

Find local social support services in your area, call the Family Services 211 helpline.

Call Women’s Refuge for advice, support and safe accommodation when you’re dealing with violence in your life.

  • 0800 733 843 (Women’s Refuge)

The Elder Abuse Helpline is a free service that older people can contact if they or someone they know are experiencing elder abuse.

  • 0800 32 668 65 (Elder Abuse Hotline)

It’s ok to leave your bubble to keep yourself or someone else safe. If you need to leave, help will be there.

For concerns about the wellbeing or safety of a child

Call Oranga Tamariki if a child or young person is unsafe, not being cared for, or separated from their parents or caregivers.

For support for young people

Youthline supports all young people, including those who are struggling. Youthline offers a free 24/7 Helpline service.

For rural and farming support

Contact your local Rural Support Trust. They can point you in the right direction for the support you need.

  • 0800 787 254 (Rural Support Trust)

For access to food or essential items

Talk to your family, whānau, friends, iwi and neighbours to see if they could deliver essential items to you.

Try food delivery such as supermarket home delivery, food parcels, frozen pre-prepared meals, subscription food boxes (like My Food Bag and Hello Fresh) or any other whole-food delivery service.

We all need food and essential items such as medicine, so please don’t try to go without. There are plenty of ways to get this to you.

For financial support

Visit the Work and Income website for urgent financial support and ongoing needs.

You can apply for a main benefit online and check your eligibility for food assistance.

You can also use the COVID-19 financial support tool on the Unite Against COVID-19 website to see what support is available to you.

  • (Food grant & benefit app)
  • 0800 559 009 (MSD General Line)
  • 0800 552 002 (Seniors 65+)
  • 0800 88 99 00 (Students)

There may be support available for employers, employees and those who have lost their job or had their income reduced, or assistance to buy food.

For renting and tenancy advice

Contact Tenancy Services for information about your legal rights.

For animal welfare matters

Call Ministry for Primary Industries for animal welfare concerns and enquiries and to report cruelty.

For animal welfare emergencies, you can also call your local SPCA Centre.

For employment advice and support

Contact Work and Income if you’re looking for work or have a vacancy that needs to be filled.

Contact Employment NZ or visit their website for information on your rights as an employee.

Contact Worksafe for information on working safely.

Know your rights as an employee and keep yourself safe.

For further information on other support

Visit the Unite Against COVID-19 website.

To help you understand your rights and obligations, and to give you any support you need to take action, contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.

  • 0800 367 222 (Citizens Advice Bureau)

There are a number of organisations working to make sure everyone is looked after.

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