National Day of Action on October 16th


This Saturday vaccine clinics will be open throughout Aotearoa all day and into the evening.

At the moment half of the eligible population in New Zealand has been fully vaccinated.

This week the Prime Minister announced that anybody conducting high-risk work in the health and disability sector to be fully vaccinated by 1st December, 2021 (First Vaccine by 30th oct and second by 1st Dec). And staff working in schools and early childhood education must have their first vaccine by 15th November and second by 1st Jan 2022.

It is important that you have both jabs. At the moment 80% of the eligible population have had their FIRST jab – Please get your second dose.

Please talk to your friends and family and help those who have not yet come forward to be vaccinated.

“We need you to be talking to them about the reasons you’ve been vaccinated, we need you to make sure they are getting reliable, honest information about the vaccine. And we need you to help us to get the unvaccinated vaccinated.

“We want parents and grandparents to encourage young New Zealanders to take up the opportunity to be vaccinated.
We also want young people to check in with any older family members who aren’t yet vaccinated, show them where they can find reliable and accurate information online, and help the whole whānau to be protected.

“No one should be left behind because they haven’t had the support they need to make an informed choice to be vaccinated.”


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