Lara’s announcement

Hello and kia ora! I’m Lara, First Signs team leader. I have an important and exciting announcement for you all! Deaf Aotearoa has been looking for a General Manager for Adult & Senior Services. We finally recruited one and it’s me!

As you know, I have been one of First Signs’ team leaders with Natasha for 5 years. My work before that was in the UK in a variety of careers. I worked in BBC TV as presenter on Saturday mornings, university lecturer teaching Deaf Studies to interpreters, supported social workers supporting Deaf people in their everyday lives – similar to Hauora here! I have different jobs then I moved here to NZ, working as First Signs team leader.

I’m thrilled for this opportunity because I have a passion for supporting Deaf adults and the Deaf community. I’m pleased to be working with Hauora, Employment and ACE! I’m really excited to meet and work with all of you, so I will be in touch soon! I’m excited to be part of this Deaf Aotearoa family.

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