Update 7th September

Yesterday the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, gave an update about whether regions in New Zealand will see changes to the Alert Levels.

The Auckland region will continue at Alert Level 4.

The rest of New Zealand, including Northland, and Waikato will drop from Alert Level 3 down to Alert Level 2 from 11:59pm tonight 7th September 2021.

This year’s Alert Level 2 is not the same as last year’s Alert Level 2. It has been labeled Delta 2 which has some stricter rules to follow. Indoor venues such as the cinema, bars, and restaurants will have a maximum capacity of 50 people. You will also be required to wear a face covering. While eating or drinking you will be able to remove your face covering.

Also in the supermarket, you will be required to wear a face-covering. Some of you have a Mask exception card. The recommendation is that you only use this card to support your communications needs, or if you have other valid reasons for not wearing a face covering.

Some schools and early learning centres such as pre-schools, will be opening on Thursday. It is best that you check with the school or early learning centre to find out when they will be opening and what rules they have in place to keep everyone safe.

The Government is now asking that everyone does their contact tracing such as scanning the QR codes before entering a premise.

The Government review this on Monday 13th September.

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