Key messages from Executive Board

AGM information will be released soon, and we want you to make sure your membership and contact details are up to date to ensure that you will receive them. Please check.

We have 3 board members vacancy, If you are interested in nominating for DANZ executive board please email me

Executive board received one vice president notation and it been accepted and its Craig Findsen.

Executive board reviewed our Strategic Directions and made some changes from our feedback from community, this will be released soon, executive board also had done a workshop with Carol about the strategic plan and what is the next step in doing those.

We meet with Shona Jones from ODI and Cathie Morton from MBIE to consult on interpreter standards and had a good questions and answers so positive outlook.

We also had a session with Sandy Thomson from Collective Impact from ODI and discuss what and how to work together with other organisations.

We also had a workshop to establish a Board Communication Plan to ensure our messages get out regularly.

Thank you, Joanne Klaver | President

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