How does Quarantine-Free Travel work?

Currently, New Zealand has Quarantine-Free travel arrangements with:

  • Australia
  • the Cook Islands
  • Niue (but only from Niue to NZ)

Quarantine-Free Travel is where you can move between countries without going into managed isolation or self-isolation when you arrive. You are not required to have a negative pre-departure test.

Anyone can travel quarantine-free if they meet eligibility criteria and immigration requirements of the destination country.

At this stage, Quarantine-Free Travel is only between New Zealand and another individual country. For example, while you can travel Quarantine-Free between the Cook Islands and New Zealand, you would then need to spend 14 days in New Zealand before travelling to Australia Quarantine-Free.

Unless you’re exempt, you must wear a face mask or covering when travelling to or from New Zealand. You must also wear a face mask on all public transport in New Zealand. Some people do not need to wear a face covering.

If there is a change in Alert Level in New Zealand or the situation changes in a Quarantine-free Travel country,
(this website) and news websites will announce it.

If community cases occur in New Zealand or a Quarantine-Free travel country, the Government could pause quarantine-free travel to assess the risk, or it could suspend travel for a longer period. Travellers should have a plan and be prepared for travel plans to be disrupted.

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