COVID-19 vaccination record card

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine will help protect you and other people from getting very sick with COVID-19. A vaccine is an injection in your arm. You will need to get an injection two times.

When you get your first COVID-19 vaccination you will be given a COVID-19 vaccine record card. The card will have important medical information on it:

  • your name
  • the name of the vaccine
  • the date you had the vaccine

At your appointment, someone will write the time and date of your second vaccination appointment on the vaccine record card. Your second appointment will be at least 3 weeks after the first appointment.

Keep your Covid-19 vaccine record card in a safe place.

Make sure you go to your second appointment to get your second vaccination. You need to get the second dose to get the best protection against COVID-19. Take your Covid-19 vaccine record card with you to your second appointment.

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