Vaccine Guide: Is the Vaccine safe?


  • Is the vaccine safe?
    • The vaccine was tested by Medsafe; they checked very carefully to make sure the COVID-19 vaccine is safe enough to give to people.
    • Medsafe’s job is to check how safe and effective medicines are.
    • Medsafe is independent and is not part of the companies that make the vaccine – they cannot influence the decisions Medsafe makes.
    • The vaccine has already been safely given to millions of people around the world.
    • The vaccine will not give you COVID-19.
  • How can the vaccine be safe when it was developed faster than usual?
    • Because of how bad COVID-19 is, scientists and governments from around the world worked together to find a vaccine to help stop people from getting sick or dying.
    • Sharing information and funding meant they could work faster than normal and without affecting the safety of the vaccine.
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