If you are under 18, we will help you and your whānau/parents/guardian to make your stay comfortable and safe. There may be some special provisions available, for example to enable school work. You can also apply to have a parent or guardian join you in managed isolation through the exemption process. Information about exemptions is later in this pack.

Learning resources

You can access Home Learning TV at tvnz.co.nz on-demand. There are over 300 episodes that have lessons designed for all early learning and school ages.

There’s also a range of learning and wellbeing resources at learningfromhome.govt.nz to support you and your child during isolation.

Plan for after you leave

It’s important you are clear about where you will go when you’ve completed your stay at the managed isolation facility.

On-site staff will ask you for your travel plans before you leave. During your stay take time to think about a plan of where you will go next and how you’ll get there. This helps us understand the time you’re leaving so we can organise check out and better support you during your departure.

We will transport you back to the airport you arrived at, if you wish, unless you indicate otherwise. Otherwise you will need to arrange your own transport from this facility to your next accommodation. If you are unable to organise your travel, please contact the on-site staff for advice.

If you do not have an appropriate destination to go to, please talk to on-site staff who may be able to assist or refer you to government agencies that can help.

When you leave the facility and enter the community, you will be under the same restrictions as other New Zealanders at the alert level current at the time. More information about restrictions that apply during this time can be found here: www.covid19.govt.nz/alert-system

Please tell the on-site team if your accommodation or travel plans change at any stage during your stay.

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