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Make Summer unstoppable

  • Aotearoa – let’s make our summer unstoppable!
  • This year, more than ever, we’re hanging out for our summer holidays. We all want an uninterrupted summer – uninterrupted by the weather and uninterrupted by COVID-19.
  • While we can’t control the weather, we can control COVID-19 by taking some simple actions.
  • Our ‘Make Summer Unstoppable’ campaign is to remind all New Zealanders about those actions we all need to take to keep each other safe.
  • It’s based on the idea – if you’re not on board, you could ‘stop’ summer.
  • Do these four simple things:
    • wash your hands
    • Scan QR codes
    • Turn on Bluetooth tracing on the NZ COVID Tracer app
    • Stay home if you’re feeling unwell and get advice about a COVID-19 test.
  • businesses also have an important role to play:
    • put up plenty of QR code posters in your shop/café/restaurant/bar
    • Invite your customers to scan in as they go in
    • Encourage everyone to wash or sanitise their hands.
  • Christmas is the season for giving, but no one wants to give (or receive) COVID-19.
  • The summer holidays are our time with family, friends and whānau. Don’t let COVID-19 spoil that.
  • We need to do this together. The whole team of five million – every individual, community and business needs to do their part.
  • So, let’s have a stunner, don’t let COVID-19 stop the summer.
  • Let’s make summer unstoppable.

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