Deaf people have full access


Deaf Aotearoa is an advocate for positive change –

Supporting the Deafhood journey of identity and culture.

Values and Beliefs

NZSL and Deaf culture are our mana

People are at the centre of everything we do

We communicate and collaborate with the Deaf community

We remove barriers to Deaf potential and leadership

We embrace diversity

Community Collaboration and

Te mahi tahi a ngā hāpori

  • Develop relationships between Deaf Aotearoa and other Deaf organisations and businesses

  • Encourage relationships between Deaf organisations and businesses through networking opportunities

  • Nourish the Deaf ecosystem and encourage the growth of Deaf businesses and innovation

  • Honour the Treaty of Waitangi by partnering with Maori Deaf

NZSL for Learning and Living

Ākona te reo rotatota hei
oranga ai te tāngata

  • Promote early intervention and access to NZSL as best practice

  • Celebrate NZSL week annually

  • Promote the use of NZSL at all levels of society

  • Provide opportunities for Deaf people of all ages to learn, work and play through NZSL

Organisational Sustainability and Relevance

Kia whai kiko te te rōpū
whakahaere ki ngā kaupapa whaitake

  • Honour and promote NZSL and Deaf culture, Te Reo, Turi Te Reo tohu and Te Ao Maori as well as the diversity of cultures in Aotearoa New Zealand.

  • Promote Deaf leadership and celebrate success

  • Engage in succession planning, skill development and mentoring.

  • Implement technology and media to extend the reach of services

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