Managed Isolation Allocation System

What is the Managed Isolation Allocation System?

The Managed Isolation Allocation System is an online form for travellers to New Zealand to book their place in a managed isolation facility before arranging their flights. A place in managed isolation will be allocated to the individual traveller or family group and issue them with a voucher that they will present to airlines prior to departure.

The Allocation System ensures there is space available for travellers in managed isolation for their intended arrival date in New Zealand.

Things you need to know about the Managed Isolation Allocation System Everyone arriving in New Zealand from 5 October is strongly encouraged to get a voucher confirming they have been allocated a place in a managed isolation facility before they board their flight.

This applies to all passengers flying into New Zealand after 5 October, unless they are exempt from using the Managed Isolation Allocation System.

Vouchers can be obtained from the Managed Isolation Allocation System website from 5 October when the website goes live.

There will be an initial one-month grace period before having a voucher will become a legal requirement.

From 3 November, airlines will not be permitted to board passengers to New Zealand who do not have a voucher, unless they are exempt from using the Managed Isolation Allocation System.

Using the Managed Isolation Allocation System

The Managed Isolation Allocation System is currently only available in English. You can ask a family member, friend or travel agent who speaks English to use the Allocation System on your behalf. They can help you get a voucher for you or for your family travelling together to New Zealand.

The person completing your registration will need to enter their own details to create an account on the Managed Isolation Allocation System. They can use this account again should they need to register another individual or family group travelling to New Zealand.

Once your allocation is completed online, print your voucher or download it onto your mobile device. The voucher will have your name and details on it, and those of your family group if a family registration was completed. It cannot be used at the airport by anyone else.

The person who created an account to help you use the Allocation System will be emailed a copy of your voucher. They can forward this email voucher to you. You can use this voucher, your printed physical voucher or the digital version downloaded onto your phone when before boarding your flight to New Zealand.


You will be asked by airlines to present your Managed Isolation Allocation Voucher at check-in or when boarding their flight to New Zealand. You may also be asked at transit points on their journey to New Zealand. *

Your voucher can either be a printed physical copy or a digital version on your mobile device. Those who have completed a family registration will be issued one voucher for their group. The voucher will list the names of the people in the group who have been allocated a place in managed isolation.

Need help using the Managed Isolation Allocation System?

Contact the MIQ Service Centre on 0800 476 647 (within New Zealand) or +64 4 888 1670 (outside New Zealand). Charges may apply.

You can also submit your enquiry to the MIQ Service Centre at or via the MIQ website. The Service Centre is open 0800 – 2200 (NZST), seven days a week.

Fees for managed isolation

Some people will be liable to contribute towards the costs of their managed isolation or quarantine. See Charges for managed isolation for more information.


Anyone returning to New Zealand can apply for an exemption. However exemptions will only be issued in very limited circumstances for exceptional reasons. Most exemptions are granted for people to join unaccompanied minors, people in transit, or people whose medical needs require hospital-level care.

For more information about applying for an exemption from managed isolation or quarantine visit ‘Exemptions from isolation’.

Once you arrive in New Zealand

The Welcome Pack has information about staying in managed isolation or quarantine in New Zealand. (link to corresponding translated welcome pack on…)

For help and advice about COVID-19 in New Zealand visit the government’s Unite Against COVID-19 website. (linked to corresponding translation on this website:…)

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