Managed Isolation Allocation System Q&As

Why is an allocation system needed? 

The Managed Isolation Allocation System is designed to manage the flow of in-bound travellers to New Zealand, allowing Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) to better match the number of people flying into the country with room availability in managed isolation facilities.

Do visa holders need to get a Managed Isolation Allocation Voucher to enter the country?  

The Managed Isolation Allocation System is for all passengers arriving in New Zealand from 8am, 5 October, including most visa holders. Only a small group of people will be exempt from needing a voucher to board their flight to New Zealand.

Who is exempt from using the Managed Isolation Allocation System? 

A small number of people are exempt from needing to use the Managed Isolation Allocation System and presenting a voucher when boarding their flight. Most of these individuals are still required to enter managed isolation and quarantine. Their allocations will be managed separately.

Those who are exempt from using the Allocation System may be asked at check-in or when boarding to provide evidence of their exemption, such as ID or an official letter of exemption.

How do travellers get a voucher? 

Vouchers can be obtained from the Managed Isolation Allocation System online portal. The link to the Allocation System is on the MIQ website,

Users must create an account to be able to use the Managed Isolation Allocation System. The user account will allow people to secure their place in managed isolation facility as an individual traveller, on behalf of their family group travelling together, or on behalf of other individuals or groups.

There is a four-step process to get a voucher:

  1. Create a registration for an individual passenger or a family group travelling together.
    Enter passenger details of the individual or everyone in the group travelling together. Couples travelling together should complete a ‘family registration’.
  2. Hold accommodation
    Select the intended day of arrival in New Zealand for the individual or group. Their 14-day stay in managed isolation, starting on this day, will be held for 48 hours while they book their flights.
  3. Book flights, ensuring the date the flight arrives in New Zealand matches the date entered in the Managed Isolation Allocation System. Return to the website and enter these flight details into the system to confirm the managed isolation allocation.
  4. Print or download the voucher
    The voucher is immediately generated to print or download once the allocation is confirmed. It will also be emailed. Airlines will ask travellers to present their voucher, either as a printed physical copy or on their mobile device, before boarding their flight.

Travellers will be asked by airlines to present their Managed Isolation Allocation Voucher at check-in or when boarding their flight to New Zealand. They may also be asked to present it at transit points on their journey to New Zealand.

Will the Managed Isolation Allocation System delay travel to New Zealand?

There is capacity for more than 7,000 people in the managed isolation and quarantine facilities. The Managed Isolation Allocation System is not expected to significantly delay travel to New Zealand.

Is there a cost to get a voucher? 

No. But some people will need to contribute to the costs of their managed isolation or quarantine. See the webpage ‘Charges for managed isolation’ on the MIQ website for more information on fees.

What happens if someone wants to travel urgently but there are no places immediately available in the system? 

There are some places reserved in managed isolation specifically for emergencies and urgent travel, and for New Zealand citizens and permanent residents who may be experiencing lengthy delays in returning to New Zealand. Those who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for one of these reserved places. Visit the ‘Special Request’ webpage on the MIQ website for more information.

Can travellers choose which managed isolation facility they isolate in? 

No. The Managed Isolation Allocation System does not allow travellers to choose where they will stay. Passengers on the same flight are typically allocated to the same managed isolation facility, except those assessed as having a higher risk of COVID-19 who will enter quarantine.

Can families stay together in the same managed isolation facility?  

Yes. Families travelling together can register on the Managed Isolation Allocation System using the ‘family registration’ option, for groups of up to 12 people. The members of that group will be allocated a set of rooms at the same facility where possible.

For family groups of more than 12 people, the family will need to create two or more registrations. Each registration will need to indicate in the ‘Special Requests or other information’ text box under ‘Step 2’, that those across the two (or more) registrations are one family group and wish to isolate together. There is one voucher issued for each registration.

Those travelling in a group of non-family members should create individual accounts unless they wish to share rooms in the managed isolation facility.

Do people need to get a voucher if they booked flights before the Managed Isolation Allocation System went live? 

If a traveller’s flight arrives before 11.59pm, 2 November, they are strongly encouraged to get a Managed Isolation Allocation Voucher.

Everyone arriving in New Zealand after 12am, 3 November is legally required to get a voucher before they fly, regardless of when they booked their flights.

Some travellers who booked flights prior to the system going live may find there are no available places in the Allocation System for their arrival date. These travellers will need to apply for a place in managed isolation through the Special Allocation Request process. Visit the ‘Special Request’ webpage on the MIQ website for more information and to apply.

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