Testing data in New Zealand

The Ministry of Health is still recording testing data by region and by ethnicity within regions. This helps us ensure we have an accurate picture of any future spread of COVID-19 and can respond in the best way. It also helps to keep track of who is being tested, including vulnerable communities or at-risk groups with underlying health conditions. 

Targeted testing

People who are in contact with people arriving from overseas such as border workers or air crew will be targeted for additional health checks and testing. This is because New Zealand’s greatest risk of COVID-19 spreading is at our border, and we need to focus our efforts where the risk is most likely to come from. 

People who will be targeted for additional health checks and testing include the following: 

  • people in managed isolation or quarantine facilities 
  • border workers in customs, biosecurity, immigration and aviation security at airports 
  • staff who work in managed isolation and quarantine facilities, including those who drive people entering the country from the airport to the facilities 
  • air crew and maritime crew. 

Testing for travellers leaving New Zealand

Some countries require travellers to confirm a negative COVID-19 test before they leave New Zealand. You can check the requirements of the country you are travelling to, by contacting their local High Commission, Embassy or Consulate in New Zealand.  

If you need a COVID-19 test prior to departure this link will provide Advice for travellers on the Ministry of Health website (external link). 

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