At Alert Level 2, you can do your usual sport and recreation activities if you can do them safely. But if you’re sick, stay home.

When exercising in public, keep a 2 metre distance from people you don’t know if possible.

You can do activities like:

  • walking, biking and hunting on public conservation land
  • swimming at a public swimming pool, but there will be restrictions
  • going to the gym, but there will be restrictions
  • boating and motorised watersports.

In Auckland, sports groups must be kept to groups of 10.

Outside Auckland community sports are limited to groups of 100 in a defined space. A sports field can have multiple defined spaces by keeping:

  • people in groups of up to 100
  • groups separate either through consistent 2 metre physical distancing when outdoors or barriers.

Groups should be prevented from intermingling or sharing common facilities at the same time.

For example, a game of rugby can occur so long as there are no more than 100 people on the field. If that field has a stand on either side, up to 100 people can gather in each stand if they are kept separate from those from the other stand and from players and umpires on the field.

Organisers and the person in control of the premises are responsible for collecting contact tracing information.

Professional leagues can go ahead because they take place in controlled workplaces.