Who can be in my bubble?  

Your household bubble can include close family/whānau member, a caregiver, or someone who needs care, or a couple or single person if they live alone.  

Anyone who feels unwell should immediately self-isolate from others in their extended bubble. 

What is a shared bubble arrangement? 

A shared bubble includes children in shared custody arrangements, who can move between households if in the same Alert Level. 

Can I leave a bubble if I’m unsafe?  

Yes. If the situation in your bubble is unsafe you can leave your bubble immediately, and seek help. If possible, ask a trusted neighbour or friend for help, then call Police or Women’s Refuge.   

Can I visit friends or family, or have visitors?  

No. You should avoid contact with anyone outside your bubble, except if you need to go work or school, or while accessing essential services. Don’t invite or allow social visitors, such as friends, family and whānau, to enter your home