COVID-19 Update: 18th August 2020

Minister for Health Chris Hipkins spoke about dangerous rumours and misinformation going around on social media recently. The Ministry of Health, Prime Minister and Ministers are the only sources of information that should be relied on and shared. Please don’t share information unless you know it is correct.

Auckland and Sth Auckland staff
Reminder that while our staff in Auckland and South Auckland are working from home while in Level 3 they are still available – please contact them via email, text, Skype or other channels you usually use.

We are still working on NZSL Week and once we know if there will be a drop back to Level 2 or Level 1 nationwide or regionally we can start to confirm our plans for events. We are definitely going ahead with NZSL Awards – if we are still at Level 3 or Level 2 the format of the awards presentation will change. Please continue nominate people and organisations that deserve recognition!

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