Bellman & Symfon BE1442 Flash Receiver – Firmware Upgrade Recall Program

Do you have a Bellman & Symfon alerting system to let you know when someone rings your door bell and when your smoke alarms activate?

Unfortunately, one of the devices has a problem with it.

The manufacturer of your Flash Receiver has identified a product non-conformity that in rare cases may pose a safety risk during a power cut, due to a battery backup malfunction.

The Flash Receiver battery backup is designed to step in during a power cut. If the battery power has been depleted and then you have a power cut, the Flash Receiver will not produce an alert.

Customer Safety is always Bellman & Symfon’s top priority and take full responsibility for this malfunction so a Recall Program is now happening to update the affected units with new firmware, free of charge.

Their agent in New Zealand – Reid Technology Ltd, needs to replace the unit and are committed to manage this process with respect to your privacy.
Affected units were supplied to people in New Zealand between November 2017 and January 2020.

If you were supplied a Flash Receiver between these dates you may have already been contacted by Reid Technology or the Deaf Aotearoa Coordinator that helped supply and install the system.

They just need to confirm your delivery address so they can send you a replacement unit.

If you have received an email or txt about this, please respond to it so you can receive your upgraded replacement unit.

If you haven’t received a message about this but you got your Bellman & Symfon System between November 2017 and January 2020, please contact your Deaf Aotearoa Coordinator ASAP.

Installing your replacement unit is easy, just connect it to the power and it’s good to go.

Reid Technology will need to get your current model back for testing and upgrading so they will include a return courier bag with your replacement Flash Receiver.

If you are happy to contact Reid Technology directly, please contact Owen Dentice by TXT or email;
TXT: 0272325389 EMAIL:

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