Paying rent late – Rent Freeze Increase & Tenancy Terminations

The new rules says rent has to be 60 days late before the landlord can tell you to move out. The landlord must ask the Tenancy Tribunal to make an order saying you must move out.

Some people got letters from their property manager saying if rent is late they will be told to move out. Property managers should not send those letters.

If you get a letter like this, contact Deaf Aotearoa and we will tell the government.

Renters still need to try their best to pay rent. If you do not have enough money to pay rent, talk to your landlord. Try to work out a plan with your landlord for when you will pay rent.

You can also talk to Work and Income to see if they will help with money. You can call Work and Income for free on 0800 559 009

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