Landlords telling you to move out – Rent Freeze Increase & Tenancy Terminations

The rules have changed for landlords telling renters to move out.

Between 26 March to 26 June, landlords can only ask you to move out if:

  • You and the landlord agree that you will move out

Or for one of these reasons

  • You have not paid your rent for more than 60 days
  • You have done a lot of damage to the house
  • You have hurt, harassed or threatened people at the house

The landlord must ask the Tenancy Tribunal to make an order saying you must move out.

Even if your agreement for living at the house was going to end the landlord cannot make you move out at this time.

If your landlord tries to make you move out they may have to pay a fine.

If your landlord tries to make you move out at this time you can get support.

You can get support by:

  • Contacting Deaf Aotearoa
  • Calling the Citizens Advice Bureau for free on: 0800 367 222

If your landlord comes to your house to try to make you move out you can call the police by calling 111.

The government will decide after 26 June whether these rules will continue for longer.

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