Budget 2020 in NZSL

Today, Thursday May 14th the New Zealand Government will release the Budget 2020. NZSL interpreters have been booked to interpret the Budget.

The event will be broadcast in the normal TVNZ format on Parliament TV as well as on Kordia TV via Freeview Channel 200 or https://content.kordia.net.nz/.

As in previous years, the House is going to air at 2pm. The Budget Statement will then be presented by the Minister of Finance, Grant Robertson – this usually takes around 45 minutes. This will be followed by the Budget Debate, starting with replies from party leaders. The Budget Debate will be adjourned at approx. 4.30pm. So all up, around 2.5 hours of Budget 2020 information will be available in NZSL.

Every year the New Zealand Government announces the Budget for the financial year to show where the Government will be spending the budget.

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