Recreation or Exercise

  • You can go outside to go for a walk or bike ride or get some fresh air. Exercise is good for your body and your mental health. Remember:
    • You can only go outside by yourself, with someone you live with, or your essential support person. These people are what some people call your “bubble.”
    • If you see anyone else while you are outside, even if you know them, you need to stay two metres away from them. Two metres is about the length of a couch or your bed.
    • Public toilets may be closed. Contact your local council to find out if any toilets near you are open.
    • You can only go outside to exercise near your house. You cannot drive somewhere or take the bus or train to exercise somewhere else.
  • If you are sick, stay at home or contact your doctor. Do not go outside and see other people who are not doctors or nurses.
  • Do not go hunting, hiking or camping, especially not on overnight trips.
  • All campsites and DOC huts are closed.

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