Food and Shopping

  • Supermarkets and some dairies are still open for you to buy food.
  • Pharmacies are still open, so you can get your medications.
  • There might be different rules when you go to the supermarket, dairy or pharmacy for example,
    • Most shops are only letting a small number of people go inside at one time, so you might have to wait outside for a while
    • Some shops might only let one person from each house come inside at a time
    • Dairies will not be able to sell food they have cooked themselves
    • Remember if you are at the supermarket or waiting to go in and you see people you do not live with, even if you know them, you need to stay two metres away from them. Two metres is about the length of two supermarket trollies.
  • Some businesses, including those that make food and drink will continue to work
  • Supermarkets can deliver food in some areas. You can order groceries on your supermarket’s website or contact your local supermarket to find out if they are delivering groceries and how to order. Priority delivery slots may be available for disabled people.
  • Some local shops and dairies may deliver groceries. You can contact your local shop or dairy to find out if they are doing any deliveries
  • Food bag and food box services are still open, and you can have these delivered to your home
  • Meals on Wheels is still open, so if you receive this service, it will continue. If you want to find out whether Meals on Wheels could bring you food, you can contact your doctor.
  • Food banks are open. If you cannot afford to buy food, or no one is getting food for you, your local foodbank might be able to help. You can call the phone directory on 018 to find out the contact number for your local food bank.
  • You may want to ask someone you trust, like a family member, friend or neighbour, to pick up groceries for you. Remember that if this person is not someone you live with or your essential support worker, you need to stay two metres away from them. Two metres is about the length of a couch or your bed. This means that they cannot come inside your house. You can ask them to leave the groceries at your door for you to collect once they have moved away
  • All cafes, bars, restaurants, and takeaways are closed. You cannot go out and buy food or drinks from these places or have them delivered while we are in Alert Level 4
  • Most liquor shops are closed unless they are in a special area where alcohol cannot be bought in the supermarket.
  • If you need help with getting food or do not have any other way of getting food, contact Deaf Aotearoa

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